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CycleTweet du Jour

Today's dose of first-person wisdom from the cycling world:


New controll antidoping at 9 o'clock!!!!

BTW, I am pretty sure this tweet came after the visit, so it's not a warning of some sort. But, is he excited by a visit from the controllers? Yes, I know, it does instill some confidence knowing they're doing their job, but still... Or maybe he is excited about the hour. He should be, but my guess is that he's exasperated about having to get up at 9. To which I say, on behalf of parents everywhere, fuck you. Oh, and by doping controller standards, I hear 9am is pretty lux.

O/T, I have a number of offline PdC projects in the works, so my absence for 48 hours is not a sign of inactivity. And if that doesn't satisfy you, then I guess I'll write "I love the classics" 500 times as punishment.