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The Adventures of Barbie Barbie...and friends!

New! Benna Barbie Spa Play Set

Meet Barbie Barbie's friend Benna...with his soulful dark eyes and perfect complexion, he's sure to become a favorite. But he's not just a pretty face--when he's healthy and in form, Benna sprints as fast as Mark Cavendish Tyler Farrar almost anyone!

Help Benna keep his skin smooth as silk with a nice mud bath...


then, at his Liquigas-green vanity table, you'll find all the product you need to groom Benna to perfection!


Benna Barbie Spa Play Set comes complete with spa table, mud, vanity table and chair, exfoliant, toner, skin-perfecting serum, day moisturizer, night moisturizer, eye cream, hair dryer, hair gel, hair mousse, hair-sculpting clay, hair spray, and cologne. Additional grooming products sold separately. Oh, and you didn't really think I was going to attempt a Liquigas kit, did you?

The Adventures of Barbie Barbie