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The Wednesday Session

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Gav_mediumThis isn't really a Sesh today, because I'm working on another thingy. I think you'll like it. Well, okay, I hope you like it. No telling yet what it is, because I might jinx myself and have it not come out at all. Writing is a ticklish business that way. While I wait for the espresso machine to heat up, a couple tidbits of news for your Wednesday. A Psuedo-Sesh. Which should not be confused with a pseudopod or a pseudonym.

Of course you know that the Vuelta a España released the official route at a gala in Seville. I haven't seen any photos. If only Team Liquigas were in charge of the Vuelta roll-out. To no one's surprise, the Vuelta is a climber's party with six mountain top finishes, a 16 kilometer team time trial, and a single individual time trial of 46 flat kilometers. For added giggles, the team time trial which opens the race in Seville will take place at night. You can't make this stuff up. The mountains should decide the general classification battle, and returning climbs include Xoret del Catí, a short, steep bit of nastiness, the Peña Carbarga, Andorra, a long, steady drag, which appeared in last year's Tour de France, and Lagos de Covadanga, a lengthy and frequently decisive climb to 1100 meters above sea level. The Vuelta also includes three brand-spanking new climbs, including one rumored to rival the dread Angliru in steepness. The climbers are smiling. Everyone else, not so much. No word yet on who will attend the late season Spanish party, as Alberto Contador, Alejandro Valverde, and Samuel Sánchez have all declared the Tour de France as their principal objectives for the season. Maybe they just don't like red. The Vuelta will introduce a Red leader's jersey for this year's edition. Snazzy.

In other grand tour news, Joe Lindsey reports that Team the Shack may not attend the 2010 Giro d'Italia. His source is a schedule of the team's races posted on Johann Bruyneel's Facebook page. An accidental omission or intentional decision? I don't pretend to know, though it would not surprise me at all to see the team focus all their efforts on the Tour de France with the Tour of California serving as a May training race. For more info., do head over and give the full Boulder Report a read. Little wonder Zomes is working so hard at this Washington DC absurdity. If the Americans do not come to Giro, Giro will come to America. Or something like that.

The espresso machine is nearly ready for action. I must go undertake the delicate and vital task of pulling the perfect espresso shot. But first, I think we need a dedicated effort to caption this photo (opens in new tab). Do you think if I'm really good, Santa would bring me rights to use Bettini photos? Because you so know I'd be decking the halls with those things right there. Front page, all the way. Hmm, maybe it's for the best that I have not been granted that temptation.

Back soon with some more writings. For now, enjoy your Wednesday. Feel free to talk amongst yourselves about bike racing, centaurs, how to paint a Barbie, Greek tragedy, cranksize, or any other topic that might cross your minds. I do like a wide-ranging discussion, don't you?