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QOTD: What's Phil Drinking?

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Slow news day news... Lord knows I have endless respect for Philippe Gilbert, at least when he's riding. But does he expect anyone to believe this?

At this stage, I noticed that our team is stronger than last year. I've seen some riders have put a step forward compared to 2009. Someone like Jurgen Roelandts is much better than the same period last year.

Um, OK, have fun with that. Jurgen Roelandts, all of 23 this past season, is one of the more promising Belgian kids around, with a pretty good string of non-victorious top ten results in a variety of sprints, including stages of the Vuelta. [And some truly awesome hair.] You never know when a sprinter is about to make the leap, and maybe in a few months we'll start running his numbers next to the Greipels and Farrars of the world. Unfortunately, he'll have to continue his development without Johan Van Summeren, one of the top five leadout train partners in the world. Also, there was some Australian dude with a funny colorful jersey who I think might have left too.

Still, I will give Phil a pass. There's much to be said for the power of positive thinking. It's gotta be at least as viable a team strategy as whatever else Omega Pharma have tried over the years.