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Your 2010 Cycling New-Year's Resolution?

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As the cold rain falls on eastern Massachusetts, it's time to reset my odomoter for next year.  This year netted me a whopping 2,453 miles.  A personal low since about 2001.  I bought an unused racing license as well, and seem to have finished the year fatter and slower.  No excuses for the year that wasn't, but I look cheerfully ahead to 2010 with the following resolution:

I resolve to learn to love cycling again.  To ride extra miles with no real purpose other than to feel the wind in my face and the splash of the ocean as I ride past the seawall.  I will spend time riding in events that are fun, cleaning my bike even when it's not really dirty and using my bike instead of my car when i can.   To get up early to ride over the bridge at sunrise.  To race my wife and kids to the Cape when we visit my parents (she gives me a good 2 hour head start) and to ride lots of steep hills in preparation for Belgium in April.

it's the greatest sport in the world for so many reasons.  Just need to approach it with a smile again, and not always training for the next DNF... 

What is your cycling resolution for next year?