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Smackdown Finals: Zabel vs. Cancellara! Vote Now!

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The headline and pictures say it all, but for starters, here's your bracket:


Another incredible nailbiter for Cancellara. At 8am he led Lance's 7 Wins by 7 (naturally). I commented then that I thought Lance's Wins were just about cooked, and they were... but not before closing the gap to a single point, thanks to the late dash of Awesomeness! attributable to his 2009 Tour success. Not enough, and for good measure Tony Spartacus added an exclamation point of Awesome! to pad his lead to a sweat-staunching 3 points when the final buzzer sounded. But kudos to Lance's 7 Wins for pushing the #1 seed to the edge of oblivion.

Second-seeded Zabel also held form... comfortably. Podium Cafe Invented! may be the first opponent to make Zabel work a bit for his win, but little more can be said in light of the 62-36 victory Ete hung on you poor Internet Forum People. As I mentioned in the comments, the fact that Zabel could beat the Podium Cafe Invented is a tribute to the Awesomeness! of the Podium Cafe's Invention -- bringing out fans who haven't forgotten the greatness of a guy who did most of his best work five years ago and more. PdC Invented gets hoisted by its own petard. The levels of ironicalness are many.

In the finals, we plain and simply have two individuals and their body of Awesome! work from the past decade. The simplicity of the matchup is comforting, after having to watch a person square off with a set of races or the invention of a website. All ya gotta do is contemplate which rider brought more Awesome! to the table in the last ten years. I don't want to start handicapping things along the lines of R Mc's statistical breakdown of Awesome! in the comment threads; it's not for me to influence your vote. But you're free to influence each other. Frankly, I could go either way.

Anyway, no more fanposts, the poll is right here. Have at it! Polls close at noon Pacific Friday -- a little extra time for you drunkards to roll out of bed and click your mouse.