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Ben Hermans' Bump in the Road

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Belgian protege Ben Hermans got detoured from his trip to the U.S. for his first Team Shack training camp. A slip in the kitchen resulted in two broken toes, slammed against a cupboard, and now the 23-year-old climber/classics hope will have to stay home for 2-3 weeks with pins in his foot. Obviously this does little to derail his 2010 season, where he presumably hopes to come up big for his new team in the Ardennes, after a strong 14th in La Fleche Wallonne (he's all of 23), among other goals. Still, it must have sucked to call the Boss and tell him you're going to be late for training because of a domestic accident. Lance has a dark sense of humor though; am guessing he had a laugh. Better luck in 2010 Ben.