Rider Quote of the Year: Nominations, Please!

Who said what? Search through the news sites, your sig lines, stacks of cycling magazines, etc. for the funniest, wisest, most shocking, or otherwise memorable statements made by a pro cyclist in the past year. As with previous polls, nominations will be open all week, and a separate voting thread will go up next Monday.

We've already had two mentioned in another thread:

Frinking nominated "Sean Kelly? Sorry, I am not so good with cycling history. I just want to race." --Edvald Boasson Hagen, Cyclingnews

addict suggested "Unfortunate day for Alberto. Amazing talent but still a lot to learn." --Lance Armstrong, on Twitter

If possible, please look up the exact quote, or at least try to remember where you read it so I can verity the wording before I put up the poll. No biggie if you can't--I'll still try to track it down, but it will help a lot if you know the source. Thanks!