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The Same, Only Different

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New_lotto_kit_mediumSpeaking of new kits, the Omega Pharma-Lotto outfit are joining the White Brigades for 2010. If you can't beat Quick Step [Or Katusha, or Saxo Bank, or...] then...? Whatever. I also think it's noteworthy as to who models the new kit. This is Philippe Gilbert's team, lock stock and barrel. Or maybe Leif Hoste was busy. Who knows?

As to the fashion implications, does anyone like aqua and red together? Maybe, but in case you didn't pick up on the drabness of aqua, they have helpfully included a darker grey-aqua to drive the point home. Maybe this is a Belgian thing; my reading of the prevailing gross generalizations is that they tend away from flamboyance, if only so they can label Dutch people overly flamboyant. [And not for nothing... if you thought Rabo were bright orange, check out their soccer team.] Anyway, while the color scheme reminds me of the bathroom decor of a two-star hotel in western China, it's otherwise harmless enough. This picture doesn't reveal the shorts. Here's hoping for some redemption in the form of something besides white.

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