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UCI Stage Racing... In Seattle?

Um, is it possible that God loves me this much?

Evergreen Tour

The Evergreen Tour aims to be among the most prestigious road bicycle races in the US. It will travel through Washington State and its neighboring states and province during a week in August. The race details are not set at this point. The route, competition specifics, exact dates and teams are dependent on gathering sponsoships and securing a place on the UCI calendar. Our requirements to hold the race are:

A UCI mens stage race... only the best riders.
An over $100,000 prize list... for incentive.
At least 5 days... long enough to show the region.
In August... for the best weather.

Current Plans

The current plans of the committee are to hold the first Evergreen Tour in August 2010. The route for the initial race will likely be in Western Washington so that the race can be introduced close to the largest population areas in the state.

Take that Oregon! Suck on this, British Col... wait, what? You're going to the state legislature for funding? Never mind...