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Tour of California Women's Crit

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Women's criterium

Sunday in Santa Rosa, the pro women will race on the finishing circuit for stage 1 of the Tour of California. Total prize money? $15,000.00. Pretty sweet. Look for U.S. National Champion Brooke Miller to defend last year's win. Five-time U.S. Criterium Champion Tina Pic and the deeply experienced Laura Van Gilder will give her a run for it. Me, I hate to diss' the home girls, but Team Columbia-High Road's Ina Yoko-Teutenberg is my pick to pull out the win. Lyne has a nice preview of the teams. Norcalcyclingnews has a fun bit of hype, too.

If you are anywhere near Santa Rosa on Sunday at 1.00 pm, head out and party with the women. It should be fast, furious crazy good times. And when it's over, if you had a good time, fire off a quick email to the good people at the Amgen Tour of California and tell them how much fun you had and thank them for supporting women's racing. Maybe next year, AEG can put on the three day stage race they tentatively planned for this year. Until then, don't miss the party in Santa Rosa.

Check out the official Tour of California site for schedule and location.

Photo copyright Lyne Lamoureux. Used with permission.