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Amgen Tour of California Women's Criterium: Photo Gallery

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Brooke Miller

Laura Van Gilder (SugarCRM) Brooke Miller (Tibco) and Ina-Yoko Teutenberg (Columbia-High Road) get the call-up.


The Women's start

Women's Tour of California

Close quarters through the corner.
Rachel Lloyd of Proman, Karla Kingsley of SugarCRM rider, and Swedish National Champion Emilia Fahlin of Columbia-High Road.

Columbia-High Road

Columbia-High Road drillin' it in the rain.


A very wet Vanderkitten

Emilia Fahlin

Race winner Emilia Fahlin of Columbia-High Road, sprinting.

Emilia Fahlin

Think she's happy? Lauren Tamayo of Tibco finished second.

tour of california women's podium

All smiles on the podium.
Left to right: Lauren Tamayo of Tibco 2nd, Emilia Fahlin of Columbia-High Road 1st, Rachel Lloyd of Proman 3rd.

See the full gallery.

Photos copyright Lyne Lamoureux.