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Valverde Update: Spanish court declares CONI's action "invalid"

When we last left our hero, he was shocked and upset at allegations that a DNA match confirmed that the Valv.Piti blood found in Fuentes' fridge did indeed belong to him. Since then, he's suggested that it's possible it is his blood, but if so it must date back to the days when Fuentes' sister was team doctor for Kelme. And the presence of EPO in the blood is a total puzzlement. Meanwhile, his lawyer got a second postponement for the hearing in Rome, which is now scheduled for tomorrow (Thursday).

This morning, a court in Madrid declared CONI's case against Valverde invalid. Specifically,

the magistrate "expressly prohibits the use of evidence obtained in the commission of a crime for the investigation of other crimes, as in the case referred to the Spanish cyclist Alejandro Valverde ." The cyclist is not therefore obliged, at least from a legal point of view, to appear tomorrow before CONI.

Will he still attend the hearing in Rome tomorrow? Yes. Er, maybe--he'll decide tonight, after a teleconference with his lawyers in Italy and Spain.

UPDATE: CONI says Spanish court's objections are "unfounded," and that they acted "in full compliance with existing laws." [Well, we'd hardly expect them to say "Ooh, you're right--sorry about that."] More here.