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Official Podium Cafe Get Together at the ToC

Two weeks to go my friends and it's time to get serious about this. The Amgen Tour of California is set to roll off it's prologue in 12 days time and for those of us planning on attending, let's buckle down and figure out who is going to be where and when they plan on being there. 

PodiumCafe Cocktail PartyPodium Cafe Cocktail Party - during the Solvang ITT.  This will be held on Feb. 20th in Los Olivos, CA between 1-5PM (with a possible update to that time based on us at the Cafe bothering to read the ToC schedule for that stage).  If you are going to attend, please RSVP with Chris using the email address.  Those who RSVP will receive the super secret address where the cocktail party will be taking place as well as a name tag printed with regular ink on plain paper (suitable for framing).  As near as I can tell (and please correct me if I'm wrong on this Chris), the only requirement for attendance is that you bring with you a banner or sign that creatively displays "PodiumCafe" for suitable waving and hollering as riders roll past during the ITT.  Be creative as only you, my friends, are capable of being; we are the Cafe, they should hear us roar.

Remaining Stages - go ahead and post below which stage you will be attending.  If it looks like we can get a quorum (except for the delegation from Caprica... we don't like Capricans) together for any of the other stages, I'll be happy to keep monitoring the thread and when we reach consensus for the un-official meets and greets, I'll put up a final thread listing the details respective to each stage.  No need for people to host others at their places; let's just try to find a couple of cafes or pubs close to the action where we can all have a drink, say hi and chit-chat.