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The Eagles Have Landed

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The light on Sui Juris' wifi is green, and you know what that means: Go! The Podium Cafe National Affairs Suite is all set for tomorrow's historic event, at least if the alcohol content of the fridge is any indication. [Soft drinks too. And an ungodly supply of chips, salsa, and these very strange Indonesian taquito-looking things.] So the party is on schedule. If you're coming, check the road closures and plan accordingly. We're a block inside the course, but I would think hwy 154 should be open to within a few blocks of here. Also once you find the place, it's not entirely clear which house it is, but nothing we can't sure with the four large tins of road chalk we bought.

Solvang appears to be quietly humming, getting ready for tomorrow's massive energy burst. There are some trucks around (Livestrong, Specialized, etc), guys in the process of setting up the starthouse, bathrooms, etc. Weather is so nice I won't even try to describe it. And now we're cueing up the hot pot. We'll be checking in with minute-by-minute updates of our evening, including the paper-scissors-rock contest to see who does the dishes. So don't go away!

Pdc_inhouse_medium Ole!