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VDS Deadline Day!

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Vds2_mediumOne last time, here's the info. A couple thoughts:

* Midnight tonight is a hard deadline. If Alberto Contador announces he's giving up the sport for dental school at 12.01, tough.

* Stay in touch with your email today and tomorrow, please. I will permit minor corrections on a one-time-request basis. BUT! If you can iron out the problems beforehand, that would be preferable. Common problems are:


  1. spending over 150 points
  2. having too many 25- or 20-pointers
  3. having fewer than 25 riders, and
  4. having the same rider twice


* Around midnight I will post the official open thread for talking smack about your strategy. You aren't forbidden from doing so sooner, but I know most people regard their methods as state secrets. So we start tonight!

[UPDATE**] if you are sending corrections, please attach your whole corrected spreadsheet! Thx