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From the Graphics Department

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Gav_medium Note from Gav: This post only applies to the authors. My apologies for the confusion, it never occurred to me that non-authors could not access the stored graphics. I'm going to leave this up for the info of the authors. I'll update, if we find an easy way to make the graphics accessible to everyone. Thanks!

Greetings from the Graphics Department, where we've been busily preparing for the new season. What with the crayons, the road chalking, the het newswhatsit, things have been oh-so-busy. And way too much fun.

We have a new toy for the Cafe for this season. Country graphics. Yay! You've seen the "France" graphic already on the race radio thread. We also have "Italy" and "Germany" ready for action. Other countries soon to follow. Feel free to use these graphics for, well, pretty much anything. Races that don't have race graphics, news stories, or anything else that needs decorating. Spraypaint the walls!

To use, hit the picture icon above the post text box. In the find field, enter the name of country. Ie, France. Up pops the graphic. Simple, it is.

A slightly more technical note. The master format thingy does not insert a margin around the graphics. This makes me sad. Fortunately, it is easy to add one. Suppose you want your graphic on the left with a margin between the graphic and the text. Switch to html mode in the post entry box. Find the "img" tag. Within the "img" tag add the following: style="float:left; margin:0px 10px 10px 0px;" That bit of joy will add a margin to the right and bottom sides of the graphic. Voilà, happiness abounds.

If you're really feeling zany, you can also take out the "a href" tag. Do we really need to click on the graphic and see it in another tab? No, no we really don't. Just delete all that "a href" code right there. Don't forget to remove the /a tag, too. Yay!

Most important of all, though, is to use and enjoy the graphics. Feel free to ignore any and all technical details, and just stick the happy colorful joy in your posts. The words, they looks so lonely all by themselves. Enjoy!

Love and kisses,
The Graphics Kids


Here's your post text box. In the tool bar above the box, look for the leetle picture. It's between the teevee and the bizarre white thingy. (What is that thingy anyway?) Press the picture icon.


Up pops the search field. Enter Italy.


Click add


Here's the default html sentences.


Here is the html sentence with a margin added.