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Open Thread

Podium Cafe

It's not quite Friday, but Thursday is so very close to Friday. Welcome to Happy Hour. Pull up a stool, make yourself comfy. Chat about nothing or something or well, whatever. That's the point of Happy Hour, isn't it? Beverages, we got beverages. What're ya having? We gotcha covered.

I hear there's a race this weekend. Something about cobbles. Surely you have picks? I'd pick Gilbert. But he's peaking for the Ardennes. Or, so he says. I do like Chavanel. A French winner? That would be something to see. Boonen, to early. Pozzato, won it before, has the power of the hair. That hair, are we sure that's permitted under UCI rules? Perhaps we'd better check. And who from Garmin made the top ten? Now, I'm forgetting, which is truly embarassing. \o/! Tyler Farrar, he wouldn't be a bad pick, would he?

Really, you all can do this far better than I can. Pass the beverages... Dood, who ate all the pretzels?