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Virtual Directeur Sportif: Update and Tip Jar

Pdc_icon_mediumSo far there are 174 teams ready to get entered and 13 awaiting an update -- most of which are file format issues (mistakes?) along with a couple that simply need transcription. Next I'll take a quick look to make sure your team fits the rules (# of riders, points, etc.), then if the spreadsheet works we will be all set to go. Maybe another 24 hours will do it.

Personally, I'm more excited than last year. I think having teams a little more stacked just means more points, more action. Also I don't know if we have a Karsten Kroon this year (found on over half the team); hope not. But I'll await the analysts' findings once the spreadsheet is done.

Lastly... Prizes! The prizes for this competition are entirely donor-funded. Traditionally we have given away beautiful wool jerseys (although this past year supply is ssslllooooooww in coming, but still...). We have relied on your generous support in the past to give away memorable prizes for a competition that doesn't cost anything. Please kick in if you can, by sending a paypal payment to my email address: Thank you! We have already had a few very kind gifts, so keep it coming. The more I get in, the more we give away.