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Take the Lance Challenge!

Thanks to PdC'er Roadside, we have a special, one-time contest open to all registered Podium Cafe members: win a pretty fair stack of magazines from the Lance Armstrong years, including VeloNews and Cycle Sport editions transcribing Armstrong's legendary exploits!

The contest is pretty simple: just predict when he will score his first win of the year. Whoever gets it right wins the booty. Tie goes to whoever emailed me the answer first. And if Lance doesn't win anything this year, then DS Little Bear keeps them. The rules:

1. You must be a registered member of the Podium Cafe. Since that already includes half of the known universe (I'm told), this shouldn't be an issue. Unregistered lurkers: it's not that we don't love you, but... why not register? It's free and anonymous. One caveat: if you plan to win, I'll eventually need an email address at least.

2. Pick the day when Lance will score that first win in four years (or thereabouts). Some details: a win can include a one-day race, stage of a stage race, or any final classification (GC, KOM, points, fastest geezer, you name it). It cannot include a team win (e.g., TTT stage, team classification), and does not include taking the lead in a classification before the race is finished. "Never" is not an answer. And only UCI professional races; if he does a MTB race on an off-day, or outsprints Bono on a PR ride, that doesn't count.

3. Email your submission to Please include the date of your predicted win, and the name of the race (including stage # or classification if applicable) for added clarity. Please do not email me at my usual podcaf(at)yahoo address. That inbox is busy enough.

4. One entry per person. This is important: when he wins something, we'll start parsing through the entries. There is no deadline, so if he rides the Giro di Lombardia after nine winless months and scores the victory, and you send in your prediction the Friday before, good on ya. But of course, if anyone else beat you to that prediction, they win. And of course he could win something as soon as February 14, so you probably shouldn't wait forever. Enjoy!