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AFP Reports End to Saxo Bank Internal Testing, Nygaard Denies

D_medium According to an AFP story, Saxo Bank has decided to end its internal system of doping controls. Team spokesman Brian Nygaard denied the story. See the comments.

Update: Chris here... normally I let the comments speak for themselves, but this is too important to be left down below. From our very own Jens, who covers pretty much all of Scandinavia:

Saxo are NOT terminating their program. What they are no longer doing is collecting their own samples. They now have access to the UCI passport testing samples which Damsgaard will then in turn analyze in the same manner as he has before. The passport testing, based on the same philosophy as the original Damsgaard program, takes place in the same time intervals as the internal tests were made and they see no need to take double test.

This comes from his reading of Danish media reports.