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Kuurne-Brussels-Kuurne... LIVE!


Had enough? I didn't think so. On to the border areas between the Capitol region and Wallonia, where bergs and cotes coexist in, well, something close enough to harmony. The 62nd edition of venerable Kuurne-Brussels-Kuurne should be another hard-fought affair, for what else is there to do in Belgium in the spring? 

Well, for one, stop and pay respects to the family of Frederiek Nolf, as the peloton will do during the neutral phase of the race. Nice gesture.

One last sidebar: if this is any indication, may war against course profiles may be getting traction. From the looks of things, profile illustrators appear to not even be trying anymore.

Video could be an adventure: cycling.TV was terribly unreliable during HNB, and most of us wound up watching a Belgian feed. Check the live threads for more info, or Enjoy!