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Rate the Race!

If I had to pick one element of this site that makes it what it is (whatever that may be), it's the array of interactive tools. But there is one tool which has been underutilized, IMHO: polls. While mortgaging my family's financial future (again) at the salad bar it occurred to me that the 2009 season is off to a really fun start: Cali was epic, Eroica stunning, Paris-Nice outdoes itself day after day, and Tirreno-Adriatico should be more explosive than ever. And this is just the so-called preseason.

So, from now on, I propose to add short polls to race each race, in every post-race thread that you find here. Now, our plan here at the Cafe is that whoever among the editors gets to a race thread at the end should put up the post-race thread... which is to say, we have no plan. So if Gavia is surfing, Ursula working and I'm cleaning up another spilled breakfast, feel free to take this on yourself.

As for the poll, short and simple: rate the race from 1-5. Five = unbelievably exciting, 1 = dull as dishwater, etc. Or, scroll down and take the poll for today's Paris-Nice stage. For the poll question, a word or two about what happened helps. Add new option is the key to setting up a list of answers: one new option per answer. And again, this is about whether it was a fun race, not whether you were rooting for the result, or your VDS team made bank.