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Tirreno-Adriatico, Stage 6...LIVE!

Italy_medium It's easy to bill this stage as Lovkvist versus Kloden, or at least the six seconds between them on GC. But Kloden is shadowed by Michele Scarponi (at 21") and Stefano Garzelli (at 41") too, which means the Astanii will have a lot of attacks to cover today.

It's not clear whether a ton of time can be made up on this stage, but the key elements are the ascent of the Sasso Tetto, a 10km climb ending at KM 192; the finishing km averaging 9.6%; and the fact that the stage is 235km. The climb to Piazza Cavour might not hurt anyone by itself, but at the end of a long day there are possibilities. One of the more interesting factors is Kanstantin Siutsou, sitting 1.34 back, and George Hincapie at 2.21. Both of them could be solid lieutenants for Lovkvist, or could launch some pretty threatening attacks to wear our Kloden and his helpers. When the margin is so small, there are a lot of tactics which can make the difference. Should be a terrific stage.