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VDS Standings!

Vds2_mediumFinally, our long international nightmare of tracking simultaneous stage races is over. And with that, an update on the Virtual Directeur Sportif standings. Top Five here (top ten in the sidebar):

  1. Action Potential, 1826 points
  2. Atala, 1716
  3. Portinado, 1649
  4. Castrogiovanni (etc.), 1599
  5. Big Aloha, 1574
  6. etc...

Congrats to Bikepig! Not that he/she has won anything yet, but it's always nice to be on top for a while, AND to sport the VDS leader's jersey in your icon. Their strength comes from Contador, Thor, Lovkvist, Chavanel, Frank Schleck -- all solid picks -- and Jonathan Hivert. Action Potential is the only team with the foresight to spend a point on Hivert. This is just the kind of pick that leads to the glory in the end. But hey, it's a long season.

One other observation: the top scoring rider for Paris-Nice was Alberto Contador, despite slipping to fourth overall. The Accountant got points for that inglorious finish, as well as two stage wins and a third stage score, plus runner-up in two secondary jersey categories, and three days in yellow. This is a good VDS lesson: it's not just about final victory, it's about showing up in the box score every day. And to check those box scores, see the Paris-Nice race totals and the same for Tirreno-Adriatico.

Finally, you have a standing invitation to check my math. Thanks!