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From the team website:

A bad crash during training yesterday meant a trip to the hospital and now a shorter break from racing for Team Saxo Bank's Fränk Schleck. 

The rider from Luxembourg skidded with his front wheels during a training ride and crashed in a curve going downhill. Seven stitches on the chin and a heavy contusion on his left wrist was the immediate damage, but further examinations were needed yesterday afternoon at a clinic in Luxembourg to rule out any fractures. 

"I had to have further examinations yesterday to be sure that nothing was broken. My chin is stitched up and my wrist has a big swelling, but I guess I should consider myself lucky that nothing is broken. This doesn't come at a convenient time, since I’,m in really good shape after Paris-Nice and I hope to get back into racing as soon as possible", says Fränk Schleck who is now set to race the next time in Criterium International at the end of March.

Amazingly, the event was caught on video. Dit is een drama...