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Vds2_mediumThe first monument of the year has meant a goodly splurge of points, but as for its effects on the VDS standings, they are more along the lines of rearranging the deck chairs than a sea change. The following teams scored over 1000 points in MSR: Vlammende Vedetten, Atala, Wheel Suckers, Death Riders, and Down Tube Shifters. That makes the present top ten as follows:

  1. Atala, 2981
  2. Action Potential, 2651
  3. Portinado, 2474
  4. Big Aloha, 2449
  5. Wheel Suckers, 2389
  6. Zabriskie's Point, 2354
  7. Down Tube Shifters, 2253
  8. Vlammende Vedetten, 2223
  9. Castrogiovanni (etc.), 2174
  10. Team Buckeye, 2164

Full standings here. Carry on!