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Vuelta a Castilla y León Stage One... Live!


Video of this race can be accessed thru Cycling Fans, who indicate...

As in years past, we expect to have Vuelta a Castilla y León live video streaming and a text ticker.  We'll list whatever we find in our 2009 Vuelta a Castilla y León Live Coverage Guide in the morning before the race start and update once the race is underway.  Tomorrow's Stage 1 starts at 12:18 CET (7:18am U.S. Eastern) and is expected to finish at around 16:30 CET (11:30am U.S. Eastern).  Live television coverage is scheduled to begin at 15:30 CET (10:30am U.S. Eastern).

Steephill TV also has the same links. Note: Steephill says the each day should see the same start time, EXCEPT for the Queen stage 4.

No CTV feed for this race.

Stage one is a sprinters stage but with so few sprinters identified who knows who will take it? My money's on Ivan Dominguez.