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Belgian Beer Open Thread

Kasteelbier_mediumI would be remiss if I did not give folks an opportunity to talk about the other half of the coming week's celebration and Belgium's other great contribution to mankind: beer. Yes, actually operating a bicycle is not especially compatible with any form of alcohol, particularly one as filling and effervescent as a nice Belgian ale, but the Cafe is a place for fans, first and foremost, and from what I understand fans of the classics celebrate. Sometimes with beer. 

I am perhaps not as discriminating as I would like to be, but if I have had trouble finding a Belgian beer not to like, then life could be worse. I am not brand-loyal; prefer to try new things. This week's special, currently chilling in the fridge, is Kasteel. You could do worse than to click here, btw.

So, please do share your Belgian beer knowledge and tips. And get ready to crack open your favorite when the Tour of Flanders hits the slopes of the Koppenberg... a soon-to-be  enduring Podium Cafe tradition, if I have any say in the matter.