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Vuelta a Castilla y León Stage Three.... Live!


Video should begin around 10:30, eastern.


Most of us, including me, will be watching (hopefully) the Dwars door Vlaanderen this morning. While you are, or afterwards, notice this race and the stages both today and tomorrow because these stages may say a bit about how that July Tour plays out.

Remember last September's Tour of Spain, where the Bald Dwarf came oh so close to winning while working for The Accountant? Well here we are again, and Levi's 16 seconds ahead of Bert with two hilltop finishing stages today and tomorrow and Menchov, Zabriskie and Clement close behind. Will Levi step aside? Will Bert attack Levi? Will they work together to hold on to 1st and 2nd? Now that Lance is injured, we will see how Astana will play out this year.

Go to Cycling Fans for a link to the video and tracker.