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The Gossip Page


Wiki Edition.

So I sat down today to write a bit of Gossip. I bought a cookie at the bakery. Sugar cookie with iceing. Yum! Then, I fired up the espresso machine for a little performance enhancement. According to this morning's New York Times Style section, coffee is performance-enhancing. I have my doubts. Anyway, I pulled the perfect shot. So much lovely crema goodness.

Espresso in hand, I got down to the serious business of reading and chatting and looking around the interwebs for good cycling gossip. I found some. I answered some emails, sent some twitters, chatted about the Giro (how much longer?) and wandered about the lazyweb.

Alas, the time has ticked away. And we have no Gossip.

Emergency! This calls for a group project. We can't possibly do without Gossip. This week, it's wiki-gossip. Post a bit of cycling news that you've seen from around the web. Link or not as you please. Extra credit for humor and snark. Snark, so good when it hits your lips. It's all about funny. And you know you're way funnier than I am.

I'll start:

Lance Armstrong this week underwent three hours of surgery to repair a broken collarbone. The injury came as a result of a crash at the Vuelta a Castille y Lèon, when the race hit a narrow patch of bad pavement. About twenty riders joined in the crash party. Armstrong received screws and a plate in his collarbone and could require up to eight weeks recovery time from the surgery. Yes, hello? Yes, I'd like to place an order. Right, I'll have an order of the Schadenfreude. Yes, and can I get the dressing on the side? Oh, and I'd like a side order of the snark. Could I get that well done? Perfect, thanks.

Your turn!


Normally scheduled Gossip service will return next week!