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Vuelta a Castilla y León Stage Five... Live!!!


In Chinese numerology, the number five stands for the center. The way to a man's heart actually IS through the stomach.But at Castilla y Leon, five is the end stage.

Unless Leipheimer or one of the top contenders crashes, we know the final GC because this stage is pure sprinter's stage with a nice kick-up at the finish. Why the kick-up? Hey! You paying attention? It's Spain! So if I were a betting man, I'd look towards Cunego or J-Rod for the win. Tin Tin or Killer. Perhaps Dekker or Pfannberger. Of course I would be stupid because they are all in Italy and Alejandro Valverde is here.

In fact I could imagine the course designers asking Akejandro last winter, "Would you care to design the last stage for us?" It would be like asking Tiger Woods to design the 18th hole. 

So go to Cycling Fans or Steephill for the links to the video.(Or check out in the comments the links that our secret ace in the hole, umwolverine, finds to make The Goat smile.

And have hope! E3 is on Saturday, Brabantse Pijl's on Sunday and the Jens! Invite is on both days!