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Track your own VDS team

Vds2_medium Want to trackyour own VDS team?  Don't want the bother of setting up a spreadsheet? Well, help is here. I’ve uploaded my tracking spreadsheet on Google Docs and set it for anyone to play with.

Just replace my team and and rider costs with yours. The spreadsheet assumes your team goal is 10,000 points. As you enter the points they earn, it will give you the running total for your team, show you how many points they still need to earn, and the PPS (per point spent) return for each rider.

Ubergeeks can play with the Track All spreadsheet, which has every rider and every race listed. If I can keep it up throughout the season, it will automatically figure the PPS return of every cyclist so I don’t have to do it by hand for next year’s "Who was worth it?" analysis. You could also just modify it to show your riders to keep track of who scored what in each race.


Track your VDS team

Track all

Note: these are set up for anyone to use, whether you have a Google account or not. EDIT: But I strongly recommend getting a Google account--then you can copy the files to your own account and they won't get overwritten if (as happened today) errors creep in and I have to upload a new copy.

If you DO have an account: go to File, Create a copy, and save the spreadsheet(s) to your own account. This creates your own unique copy, which can't get changed by anyone else.

If you DON’T have an account: once you’re done tinkering you’ll need to go to File, Export, and choose a format to export and save to your own computer.