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Pick The Podium [Updated: Photo!]

[Reposting from Monday. Get your votes in now if you haven't already! Scroll down to see what's at stake!]

Ronde_mediumTime for another contest. First, I thought this day would never come... no, wait. Not ah, prayed -- that's it. Anyway, I am now in possession of the first-edition Podium Cafe Snuggie: an otherwise snuggly blanket-like article of fleece clothing that looks like it was lifted from the set of a bad sci-fi flick. Only with the soon-to-be-ubiquitous \o/ painted on the back in trendy orange, courtesy of our own Roadside, the artist of this project. Well done Roadside! I will post a photo tonight.

Anyway, to win the Snuggie, pick the Ronde van Vlaanderen podium. 10 points for picking the winner, six for second place, and three for third. In other words, pick the winner, and we'll use the lesser placings to break the tie. If we have more than one winner... well, we have more than one snuggie! Rules: post your picks in comments. Contest closes as soon as the race starts. If you change your mind, we'll use your last version. I will post this in the features section so you can find it later, if you aren't ready to pick today. Ready? Set... GO!

Oh, and the picture:

Yeah, it's on.