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VDS Standings: Updated!

Vds2_mediumAnother slew of points, and some lessons learned. First, the ranking of the various races was about right. Criterium International remains a category 5 race, only because there is no category 6. Meanwhile, expect to see the Settimana Coppi e Bartali on next year's VDS calendar. OK, I am biased, but what is more interesting, Cadel Evans vs Damiano Cunego or Jens Voigt vs Frantisek Rabon?

Anyway, the Figurehead has kept his lead this week, which he assumed with a solid effort at Dwars door Vlaanderen. Big Movers in the top ten were Chronic Bomb, Team Buckeye, Leg Breakers and Equipos Guanacos, all of whom reappeared in the top ten after brief absences. Full list in the left sidebar. [Or just click here.] Every week from here on in is a big points event, until about June, so don't sweat the current results and fasten your seatbelts.

[Note to the Figurehead: I figured you can restore your old icon if/when you surrender the jersey, no?]