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Doping Digest: Kohl's Ex-manager Confesses

D_medium Austrian Stefan Matschiner has admitted to supplying athletes, including Bernhard Kohl, with doping products. The confession came after Austrian authorities arrested Matschiner upon his return from a trip to the United States. The triathlete Lisa Hütthaler named Matschiner as her supplier after she tested positive for EPO. She reportedly paid him 15,000.00 euros for doping products. Matschiner admitted that he also supplied Berhard Kohl, who tested positive for CERA at the 2008 Tour de France. Matschiner may not risk much with his confession. Austria enacted an anti-doping law in August, but it does not apply to crimes committed before that date.

Following the news of Matschiner's arrest, Kohl held a press conference on Tuesday night in which he denounced his former manager. The Austrian, who finished third in the Tour de France before testing positive, told the press that Matschiner had provided him with doping products since 2005. Kohl reportedly received EPO, growth hormone, testosterone, and insulin from Matschiner. He paid 50,000 euros total for the service.

According to Kohl, Matschiner also set-up a blood doping program for him. The program used a Vienna blood bank, and Kohl confirmed that he used blood doping on three occcasions, the latest in September 2008. Kohl has reportedly cooperated with Austrian authorities in the case against Matschiner.

Kohl press conference:
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