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VDS Nuts & Bolts

Couple items to pass on...

First, there are a couple dozen teams in need of minor tweaks. Please check your email! I need to clear up all issues ASAP. Thanks.

Secondly, the Tony Martin Debacle... every year there's one guy who isn't listed right. This year, unfortunately, about a third of the teams picked that guy, including me. Martin was listed at two points, but was supposed to be four. I can't ask all those teams to redo their squad, so instead, if you wanted Tony Martin and were warned by me that he was 4 points, you can now have him at 2. But this offer only lasts until Friday, so if you want to make a change, email me at It was Daniel Martin, just ignore me, I'm getting punchy...

Sometime in the next day I'll post some selection stats. Thanks!