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Murcia- Race of Truth LIVE, Stage 3

Spain_mediumMaybe we should have a poll on the outcome of this stage. No, not a poll on who wins the stage or who takes the lead in the GC race: those would be much too mundane. How about something like, will the wind cause the 16.3km ITT be reduced to, oh 100 meters? Or maybe they'll put the cat one mountain back into this stage> (That would be fun.) Or perhaps guess which (or how many) rider(s) will get blown into a gully by the wind?  Okay I'm digressing and I haven't even stated... gressing?

So okay, the Murcia weather forecast at this point says the winds will be a little less- 20 mph (NOT kph) but we could still have problems.

Go to cycling fans for one of three possible feeds. Not that they say the feeds have started either way late (stage one) or way early (stage two) so BE ON YOUR TOES.

Oh yeah- This stage, possibly assisted by stage four, will decide this race.

Below, the course profile.  Hey! I heart the Spain graphic! Can't wait to use the Basque one.