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Results Thread

Frantisek Rabon makes me look stupid for leaving him off my VDS team, wins Murcia ITT. Results:

  1. Frantisek Rabon (Cze) Team Columbia, 19.17
  2. Bert Grabsch (Ger) Team Columbia, at 0.19 
  3. Dennis Menchov (Rus) Rabobank, at 0.25

Meanwhile, Dreidaagse West Vlaanderen kicked off today in Kortrijk, with a lot of unfamiliar names... and a familiar one on the podium.

  1. Johnny Hoogerland (Ned) Vacansoleil 
  2. Jens Mouris (Ned) Vacansoleil 
  3. Kevin Ista (Bel) Agritubel
All for today. More of both tomorrow, PLUS! Monte Paschi Eroica.