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VDS Results and Standings!

Vds2_mediumIt's on folks.

First, if you see Monty, bow down in front of him, unless of course he's in a hurry to get back to his desktop and make our spreadsheets even cooler. A mere nine days after starting the contest, and two months after he sent them to me, I now understand and can use the very, very effective little tools Monty created. And the results are what you see here, as well as in the left sidebar.

From this point forward I will probably post on the standings, at least after big races, but the standings will be available 24/7 in the left sidebar box. Also, feel free to bookmark this page, where we will be depositing each race's results and the overall standings afterwards. Though if you don't, you can always find it in the... you guessed it... left sidebar.

So, the updated three-race standings, after Monte Paschi Eroica:

  1. Fromagerie Duval, 960
  2. Cleveland Steamers, 780 (tie)
  3. The Mighty Herd, 780 (tie)
  4. All or Nothing, 775
  5. Leg Breakers, 715 (tie)
  6. Der Deutsche Meister, 715 (tie)
  7. Equipo Guanacos, 715 (tie)

Feel free to play around with the spreadsheets, if you can. I can, but there are a lot of macros involved that may or may not translate through the uploading.