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VDS Update: Murcia Standings and Notes

OK, a few items to report, and some post-weekend standings.

* First, a few of you responded to some glitches, and we now have all the team names in place. Gone are those mystery blank teams (which were outperforming Angel Gomez Gomez Gomes, naturally). There are a few blanks in the DS name spaces, but I can probably fill those in myself. If your DS name isn't coming up -- and by this I mean your Podium Cafe ID -- feel free to email me and save me the step of searching for your name.

* For all future contact, use the email The VDS email is off my radar for now.

* Please do check your team. I think there may be instances where a rider's name is misspelled and you won't receive points. If you used the dropdown function, this isn't happening, and Monty's latest tweaks made it possible for me to find a few others. But I want to make sure. [Although -- there may be an issue with the teams tab, so hang on a moment...]

* We are now up to 181 teams functioning. We added four teams, but another one bit the dust. Unibotte, we hardly knew ye. [Unibotte owner: contact me!] UPDATE! Some more tweaks added, including unearthing team # 182, The Year of Jani. Also, the unknown soldier is no longer the top-scoring rider in the competition. Finally, you can blame team Castrogiovanni Colafranceschi - Ciclisti di Pasquadibisceglie for blowing up the team names column, on the second tab, but we'll have that patched up shortly.

* OK, standings.

  1. Fromagerie Duval, 990
  2. Portinado, 955
  3. Or Thereabouts, 865
  4. Cleveland Steamers, 780
  5. Mighty Herd, 780