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Tour of the Basque Country, Stage 5...Live!


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Cycling Fans and Steephill TV have links to the Universal Sports US-Geo restricted- with no commentary- and the Basque language ETB feed. Look for the videos somewhere between 9:35-10 am, Eastern,  or 15:55 CET (yeah- that's what they call that time!!!!) And for Denmark viewers there's also a feed for them too on TV2 Sport.

Also Universal replays the stage with commentary later in the day.

This stage might get interesting


The day before the ITT finale shows a potentially tricky course. Bump, bump, bump. Lots of 'em. Of course it's hard to tell from this profile how hard this is but for those of us who are wondering if this stage could be a repeat of Paris-Nice, stage 7, aka Bert's Bonk, when you compare this stage to that one, this stahe is 22 km shorter, with only seven rated climbs as opposed to the 10 climbs in P-N. Then you have to add in the fact that the P-N stage followed the day after the Queen stage (up Ventoux' Little Sister) while there was a pretty simple day yesterday here at Pais Vasco to act as a buffer. Finally I'd say that even without Chris Horner, this Astana team is better prepared to help Contador.

All this means that I don't think much will happen today- but then I said that before stage 7 at Paris-Nice didn't I? Well I guess you'll just have to watch!