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Techs-Mechs: On the eve of Roubaix

Just some final thoughts before tomorrow's big race:

Garmin Slipstream riders and others are reportedly using DA 7800 over the new flagship 7900.  The heavier forged alloy parts are apparently more durable.  I am not reading too much into this.  

Speedplay has a special cobble designed pedal, which essentially looks like someone took a jigsaw to their favorite pair of Zero's.  The design is to allow for shedding mud better.  I can see weightweenies worldwide texting speedplay in droves to get their hands on these to shave those 5-6 pesky grams of plastic platform.  

The new Zipp 303 will be out in full force.  Not sure if it will outnumber box rims, but the wider design is here to stay (maybe).

I suspect we will see some cross bikes out there as well.  Honestly though, with the advances in frame designs/materials, why aren't there more cyclocross bikes out there, with beefy road tires?  There seems to be a lot of modifications to road bikes, to make them more like cross bikes anyway.  Better clearance, more durable, longer more comfy wheel base..  It just seems to make sense.  

Anyhow, enjoy.  I'm sure we'll have some tech failures to discuss Sunday night.