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Countdown to Compiègne

Parisroubaix_mediumStill not Sunday here in Seattle, though at least we've reached the point where it's Sunday someplace. Not too much more time left to kill... maybe if I clean my drive train a couple more times it'll be bedtime.

Will we have a real Paris-Roubaix? In the words of Sean Kelly, if it ain't a slophouse, it's not a real edition of the race. Kelly earned the right to make such pronouncements, with two cobblestones on his trophy shelf, but I wouldn't write this year's edition off yet under either Kelly's standard or a more humane one. The forecast from Compiègne to Roubaix calls for some precipitation, but the forecasts all sound rather unconvincing to me, and if sunny skies dry up whatever sprinkles occur, I won't be surprised.

When do I have to get up? If you're lucky enough to live in the Pacific (USA) time zone, that'd be a cozy 5am (8 Eastern), when Cycling.TV comes on. Steephill.TV has all the live video links and if your source is something else, your start time may vary. Whoever gets a live feed first, please post it here. Even us Cycling.TV users wouldn't mind a little extra early coverage, if it exists.

I can't stand it any longer... what can I do? Hm, Steephill has plenty of diversions, including links to old videos. You could reread the renowned Paris-Roubaix Wikipedia Page. You could contemplate the fact that Columbia won more races this week than Silence-Lotto have won all year. Or you could just clean your drive train again...