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Switching Gears

Amstel_mediumI'm not saying I've had enough of the cobbles. I'm just saying take a look at who's on the Amstel Gold Race startlist. We'll go into much detail starting tomorrow, but let's just say among the people I will no longer find myself missing by Sunday will include: Damiano Cunego, Enrico Gasparotto, Nick Roche, Chris Horner (right?), Alejandro Valverde, Joaquin Rodriguez, Amael Moinard (just curious), Samuel F'king Sanchez, Roman Kreuziger, Vincenzo Nibali, Thomas Dekker (OK, nobody misses him), Philippe Gilbert, Kim Kirchen (really?!), Tony Martin, Mick Rogers, Maxime Monfort, Gustav Larsson, The Schlecks, Philip Deignan (more curiosity), Davide Rebellin, Francesco Ginanni, and Christian Pfannberger.