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VDS: After the Cobbles...

Vds2_mediumWhole lotta updates to the standings today. First, the top ten... and a new leader!

  1. Muk's Maybes, 5741
  2. Atala, 5659
  3. Zabriskie's Point, 5379
  4. Les Pignons Fou, 5327
  5. Portinado, 5301
  6. Team Buckeye, 5234
  7. Vlammende Vedetten, 5226
  8. Wheel Suckers, 5129
  9. Chronic Bomb, 5091
  10. Leg Breakers, 5041

Note the incredibly close intervals between pretty much every spot on the list. It goes on like that for a while as well. Several new entrants to the top ten, including Chronic Bomb, the first such appearance by a team named after a schedule-one prohibited substance. Read the full standings in the Post-Cobbles Spreadsheet.

A couple other notes of amusement... I finally did what I said I'd do, which is to post spreadsheets showing the VDS team scoring for each race. Well, I kind of botched the Pais Vasco one, but otherwise, if you go to the race-by-race page, the "standings" spreadsheet link for each of the last five races shows the VDS team scoring for just that race. The link on the race name is the rider scoring.

Polliwoggin was one of the big winners, taking a clean 1305 at Paris-Roubaix. I'm proud to say Angel Gomez Gomez Gomez cracked the Top Three Dozen at the Klasika. And my favorite result is the Rund Um Koln, where Rawls' team with the horrible acronym scored the only points of the entire competition, 125 for having Eric Baumann. Nicely played!

And now, I must strip Atala of its leaders' icon. The VDS is a cruel sport, folks.

Update! The Figurehead has been defrocked, and Muk is now wearing the heavy crown...