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Rock Racing Fires Creed: Interview by NY Velocity

The kids at NY Velocity have done up another good interview, this time with Mike Creed, who Friday received notice that Rock Racing has ended his contract. Creed tells us that the team has a strong emphasis on results. No results, no contract. The money quote: "Just because a crazy guy offers you a crazy good deal doesn't mean it's not going to fall through. Just because there's a piece of paper doesn't mean it's not going to fall through. So while I'd love to throw my hands up and play complete victim, I can't." Ps, Can you send us back your bike and helmet?

Schmalz and Creed also talk doping. Creed admits he may wear rose-colored glasses, but he doesn't see much doping in U.S. racing. Rather, he'd like to see more testing of foreign riders who come to the U.S. to race. He also has some less than diplomatic things to say about local amateur racers. You could never accuse Creed of holding back.

What I thought was most interesting is the psychology at work here. Is Creed convincing us or himself that there is no doping going on in U.S. racing? I've seen in this dynamic in other interviews also, and while a cynical view would dismiss the "doping, what doping?" attitude as delusional or flat-out lies, I think there's more to it.

To race bikes, it is frequently necessary to tell oneself little lies. I can win, if I train hard enough. I can get faster. My day in the sun will come. If you admit that the deck is stacked against you, that the riders you are racing have an unfair advantage, where do you find the motivation to continue? No, it's better to believe, to believe the others are clean and that the doping controls work. That the world is fair, and if you work hard, you can succeed.

For me, this is the most interesting aspect of the interview - Creed's determination to believe that there isn't doping in U.S. racing.

Er, not sure any of that made sense. It's early. Anyway, go read the whole thing, NY Velocity Creed Feed.