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Matt Lloyd Will Be OK

From GuideMD's Peruvian media source:

he has fractured 3 vertebrae and has severe bruising in the sacral area, in hospital until tomorrow and a month before he can train.

seeing that the sacrum is technically made up of 3 vertebrae, it’s not necessarily contradicting prior reports of a sacral fracture, hopefully it’s not a sacral injury plus 3 other vertebral fractures.

It's not often a guy with such injuries gives you a sigh of relief, but if you were watching Amstel Gold, you might just be glad he's not dealing with something more permanent. Information was sketchy and we were left to fear the worst. So some broken bones... this I can deal with.

Frank Schleck has a mild concussion. I haven't heard what this means for future races, though I'd imagine it will keep him out for the week.