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Official PdC Tour of Flanders Preview Guide!

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We're ... how do you say? blogging the bejeezus out of the Ronde van Vlaanderen this week, so much so that posts may get a bit lost in the onslaught. So here is a table of contents for our full-on, comprehensive, slightly overwhelming volume of info on the 2009 Tour of Flanders!

A Podium Cafe Welcome to Flanders Week

Tactics Primer: How to Win a Cobbled Classic

Parcours: A Guide to the Hellingen

Teams in Focus: Pre-Flanders Power Poll

Rider in Focus: Tom Boonen

Rider in Focus: Filippo Pozzato

Who will win? Take the poll! 

Contest time: Pick the Podium, Win a Snuggie

Preview of where the race may take shape: When is Go Time?

Video: Historic Ronde footage!

Does that about cover it? Stay tuned Sunday for our live threads, starting an an hour that rates no less than a four on the Wong-Baker Pain Scale.