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Giro del Trentino... Live! Please?


I don't know if this will be live. Cycling Fans yesterday had a live link to stage one, so there's hope. Check there to see if there is a link or possible someone here will find one and post it in the comments. Pray to make this happen. But why so we want to see this? 1) This is the #1 Prep race for the Giro (sorry Romandie). 2) This is a mountaintop finish. 3) This is a mountaintop finish and Bert's not riding. 4) this is a mountaintop finish and the likes of DiLuca, Basso, Pellizotti, Kloden, Brajkovic, Brusechin, Garzelli, Simoni, Grivko, Visconti, Simeoni, Thomas, and Pozzovivo are riding. 4) And this is a serious mountaintop finish. Remember stage 14 of last year's Giro? Well this stage ends with THAT mountaintop: Stage_2_medium

So you see this could be good, right? Pray that we see this.